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RECIPIES: The Quickest & Tastiest Tuna Salad

With a 7X less fat than tuna salad* (6 grams compared to a whopping 44g!), and 16g protein punch for only 170 calories, this is a tasty staple to have on hand. 

INGREDIENTS: 1 5oz can of tuna fish / 1 cup (2.5oz) of Veggicopia Original Hummus. Optional toppings: cucumbers, bell peppers, lettuce, sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, olives and pickles.

INSTRUCTIONS: Mix the tuna fish and Veggicopia Original Hummus together. While we eat that right out of the bowl, if you can hold off eating it for a bit longer, it also pairs delightfully with fresh veggies, pickles, breads and crackers. Use it like tuna fish salad on whole wheat bread sandwich or pile it on to your favorite crackers. Pile it high with fresh veggies and pickles for a delicious healthy meal.

Now eat!!! That was easy :)

RECIPIES: Rainbow Pitas

Serve up half your plate with veggies and get your protein with this delicious pita pocket combination! Makes two delicious stuffed pockets, a lovely lunch for one, or a snack for hungrier folks.

INGREDIENTS: 1 cup (2.5oz) of Veggicopia Red Pepper Hummus 1 whole wheat pita or 2 whole wheat pita pockets.  Optional toppings: Eat your rainbow! RED: tomatoes, sliced red bell pepper. ORANGE: shredded carrots, golden cherry tomatoes. YELLOW: sliced yellow bell peppers. GREEN: green olives, baby greens, avocado, cucumbers. BLUE: blueberries on the side. PURPLE: red cabbage, beets, red onions

INSTRUCTIONS: Break the pita in half to make two pockets. Spread the Veggicopia Red Pepper Hummus liberally in the pocket. Add your veggies and munch away!